Meet the Good Condition team.

Tristan Lowe

Tristan Lowe

I opened Good Condition in septmber 2010 with a goal of providing an exciting fitness and remedial centre to Lincoln’s professionals and healthy minded alike. Having worked in customer services in London and Nottinghamshire since 1987 and paticipating in sports from the age of 11, I decided to combine both attributes by studying for my diplomas in personal training and sports massage therapy at Premier international school in Nottihgham 2008. Having completed my courses I gave myself a 2 year timeline to gain valuable expirience working at various health clubs and drawing inspiration from the clients I trained. The ‘lightbulb moment’ came in June 2010, “let’s build a private fitness and sports massage centre in Lincoln..!!!

This was a simple idea, as clients longed for personal training in complete privacy, instead of in busy gyms with other members watching. The plan went ahead (albeit with various hurdles to get over) from location, the look and feel of the centre and most important – our ethos and culture of maintainiing a fit and healthy body in a friendly, professional enviroment.
At Good Condition I’ve been fortunate enough to meet incredible people with equally incredible lives, of which I’am continuosly happy to assist in their health and fitness levels…long may it continue.

Oh and on a personal note…

I met my wife Alison in Lincoln, whom supports my hard work ethic and ‘allows’ me to indulge in collecting records and reviewing movies…(yes, I’am a product of the 70s).

I ask all visitors to Good Condition to enjoy staying fit and help us to help you.

See you soon