We’ve helped people from all walks of life attain their fitness and recovery goals. Here’s what some of them had to say about training at Good Condition:

  • I have worked with GC personal trainers over the past 5 years, initally for rehabilitation after injury, then weight loss and toning. Currently I am working with Lucy and Tristan to strengthen a muscle weakness so I can return to karate. I keep coming back because my training needs are always accommodated with challenging, innovative programmes. I always feel listened to and guided to achieve my goals. I love the environment and approach and that new ideas are put forward which keeps me challenged.
  • I have been visiting Good condition as a personal training client for over four years to maintain a good level of fitness for my current day to day life and into my older age, whilst enjoying the benefits it has given me.

    I have a relatively sedentary job as the managing director of my own business with 110 staff and sales of £19m per year and find the practitioners at Good Condition to be highly professional. My current training programme is a combination of muscular endurance and cardiovascular appointments. We incorporate strength training with achievable targets which always presents me with a realistic goal moving forward. This is combined with excellent advice on the correct foods to eat to supplement my training and assist me in setting healthy standards to my employees.

    If you want to improve your fitness and diet,working with totally professional individuals in a very conducive environment then Good Condition is for you.
    Jim – 58 years old
  • Choosing the right personal trainer is key for me, as they see you at your best and worst. Its vital for me to get the personality and training style I want. I have trained at Good Condition for over a year, as both Tristan and Lucy are highly skilled, enthusiastic and professional. They keep me on track with bodyweight / body fat loss, whilst working together around an achilles injury I picked up running in my own time.

    I get the encouragement needed during sessions and praise when it's relevant.
    Anne – 48 year old accountant
  • Exercising was something I never made time for. I avoided mirrors and was unhappy with my body, but knew I needed to exercise. Life got in the way until I received a personal training package at Good Condition as a gift. Deciding to give it a go during a tough time in my life helped me realise that I needed 'me time' as i enjoyed training with Tristan's team.

    They helped me become motivated and not see exercising as a chore. I now look forward to visiting the centre and love seeing my body shape change and fitting into smaller clothes sizes. I can't thank the team enough.
    Michelle – a working mother of 2 with a busy lifestyle
  • Neither Dawn or I have ever really enjoyed the gym, so when our friends suggested we should try a session together with Tristan, we agreed on the back of their enthusiasm rather than ours at the time. That was several years ago and we still go twice a week when we are here and not working. Tristan's team are very good at tailoring sessions to our different needs whilst making it fun and beneficial to our general health and wellbeing.

    Their ability to lock into our music, film and sporting tastes makes for lively conversation whilst constantly correcting and pushing us through the routines. We are always recommending Good Condition to friends and wish the team well as they expand in the new location.
    Paul and Dawn Barron – Management Consultants (Human Alchemy)
  • From someone who was petrified of exercising in front of others I had lost my way and was self concious about how I looked. I was unfit, doing little or no exercise and felt generally unhealthy with my food choices. Tristan and the team helped me understand it wasn't all about big muscles and intimidating looking equipment, normally associated with health clubs or high street gyms. They started me off gently with a new outlook on life and I soon realised how much I liked exercising, especially boxing and free weights.

    We tracked my weight loss, with regular reminders on healthy eating, avoiding any fad diets. I changed my bad habits with 2 to 3 personal training sessions each week leading to a 6 stone weight reduction within a year. I developed a strong and healthy body which enabled me to go on and have my first child.

    I'am looking forward to getting back to my sessions in a few months time, so would like to thank the team at Good Condition "they are brilliant".