Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers provide exercises which have been tested first – ensuring safe, progressive and informative sessions are adhered to.

Healthy Bodies

Subjects and presentations clients may have upon contacting our centre. Referrals - In some cases, a client may not have presentations or medical diagnosis from his or her own GP, of which may surface throughout the personal training appointments, either by a client's admission or observations from our trainers or therapists. In this instance, we are happy to write to / refer a client back to his or her own GP or medical professional, for further diagnosis.
Obesity – Accumulation of excessive body fat and body weight, leading to possible risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight-bearing musculoskeletal injuries and certain cancers.
Stress – A state of mental and or emotional strain in response to adverse or demanding circumstances.
Arthritis – Painful inflammation and stiffness to the joints, linked with age (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis)
Insomnia – The inability to sleep, habitual sleeplessness. Acute or Chronic.
Sarcopenia – Accelerated loss of muscle mass and function, linked with age, frailty and physical injury.
Hypertonicity – Excessive muscle tone leading to a reduction in range of movement, flexibility and stiffness, commonly found in arms and legs.
Body Image – Individual thoughts, feelings and insecurities regards his or her own body image to themselves and or others.
Nervous Disposition – Very tense, easily upset, affecting social interaction, employment/careers and or self-confidence.
Back pain – Acute or chronic pain/discomfort in the lower back (lumbar), middle back (thoracic) and or upper back/neck (cervical). Commonly linked to physical inactivity / sedentary lifestyle or work, sports-related injury, childbirth, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, age, osteoarthritis, obesity / excessive weight gain.

Your Fitness

Your fitness goals are catered for – whether its weight management, fat loss, sports specific training, injury rehabilitation, work related injury, stress relief or general wellbeing, we are on hand to help you reach your goals.
Body Fat & Weight Loss Management
RIP Training
TRX Training
Sorts Massage Therapy


We train clients with the following issues -

Obesity related disease

High blood pressure (Hypertension)

Type 2 Diabetes

High LDL / Low LDL Cholesterol

Osteoarthritis (Degenerative joint disease)

Weight bearing issues

Sports / work related injury, soft tissue (muscle) or connective tissue (ligaments and tendons)

Osteoarthritis (Degenerative joint disease)

Osteopenia (Weakening of skeletal system / bones)

Back pain management

Age related disease

Sarcopenia (accelerated loss of muscle mass and function)

Cognitive decline / Balance issues

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Flexibility reduction (joint movements / Range of motion)

Mobility reduction (ease of movements)

Cardiovascular / CHD coronary heart disease

Deep Tissue Massage


Body image / (somatotype) shape issues

Obsessive self-scrutiny

Low self esteem

High body fat / low muscle mass levels

High Visceral (abdominal) belly fat levels

Stress related issues


Irregular sleep patterns / jet lag

Anxiety or depression

Musculoskeletal aches and pains / tension

Weekly/Monthly Reviews

We offer a weekly or monthly review of your training and progress – this ensures you are always challenged, informed and interested in your sessions, weather they are rigid proven systems incorporated to achieve a goal, or even if you train “just to maintain fitness levels” – we always stay focused on progression.

You Choose A Package To Suit Your Needs

You can use your Personal Training Package around your own requirements.

Work Long Hours?

No problem! We open 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 12 Noon Saturdays.

Train As Much As You Want

Just book your appointments with us – and we’ll be here ready to train you.
Consultation Plan

On Site

Make use of our on-site facilities including:

Shower room and WC
Remedial treatment room – for deep tissue sports massage and physiotherapy
2 X personal training zones
Lift access
Storage room for cycles
Free parking
Free Wi-fi
Free towels – all part of our service to you.
Free shower products – just in case you forget yours
Free fruit – train well, eat well

We’re here to help you get fitter, manage your weight, increase your performance, improve your health and well-being, recover from injuries, prepare for sports, improve your diet and lifestyle, change your body image / shape, de-stress, sleep better.

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