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Welcome to Lincoln’s premier private personal training and sports massage therapy centre. We are pleased to see you arrive for all things health and fitness.
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Opening our doors to the public in 2010, our goal was to provide a professional environment for your visits, of which we are continually improving our services in personal training and sports massage therapy.

Good Condition Fitness and Remedial Centre has grown to become Lincoln’s very own ‘private hotel’ for clients to book appointments and enjoy his or her progress, whilst safe in the knowledge your health and physical wellbeing is our priority.
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Our trainers and therapists are here to cater to your requirements, from weight management and injury rehabilitation to stress reduction and body fat loss.

Enjoy complete privacy during your appointments in either of our 2 personal training studios, located on separate floors for your convenience. We have changing rooms and shower facilities for you to use before or after work, allowing for easier time management.

Think of us as your guide and motivation, to get into better physical condition for your future. We’re here to help you plan a healthier lifestyle for your family commitments, work related duties and quality of life.

Simply book a free consultation at our centre, for an informal discussion on your requirements. We look forward to seeing you.

We Can Help You With
Sports Injuries

Sports massage therapy is considered paramount in preparation and repair of soft tissue complaints or injuries. Whilst the title may suggest a focus on sports injuries – a majority of clients presenting soft tissue or connective tissue symptoms are in fact non -sports related..

Tristan Lowe

tristan lowe personal trainer stood infront of computer
No Obligation Consultation

No Obligation

We offer a no-obligation consultation to everyone – covering various aspects of your health and wellbeing. This is conducted on site in our private treatment room where you will be given an in depth view on how we can help you achieve health and fitness targets.
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  • How it works?

    Conducted on site in our private treatment room where you will be given an in depth view on how we can help you achieve health and fitness targets.

    Your body composition will be assessed – covering

    • Body weight,
    • Body Mass Index (B.M.I)
    • Body fat percentage
    • Visceral fat percentage
    • Muscle mass percentage
    • RM Kcal figure
    • Blood pressure
    • Resting Heart Rate,
    • Max Heart Rate
    • Range Of Movement
    • Flexibility tests
    • Cardiovascular tests
    • Endurance Test
    • Upper body / lower body strength assessments.

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