What is Rip Training?

Essentially it’s a great fitness system designed to challenge your entire body, without the need for cumbersome machines or heavy weights. Rip Training originated in the USA to meet the needs of both combat athletes and physical therapists with emphasis on free movement in all directions.

The Rip Trainer’s are anchored into our wall mounted brackets for easy handling, so clients can simply unclip his/her bar and start their workout under the guidance of the trainers and therapists at Good Condition. From muscular endurance or cardiovascular sessions to core stability programmes – the Rip Trainer facilities are a superb way of engaging rotational muscles, whilst targeting pushing and pulling movements we need in everyday life.

Why choose Rip Training when visiting Good Condition?

  1. You want to challenge your fitness levels in a new exciting way.
  2. You are a sports enthusiast – golf, tennis, football, basketball, cricket, rugby, boxing, dancing, swimming, squash, badminton, running, volleyball, hockey, canoeing and athletics.
  3. You are looking for resistance training without having to sit on machines or stand around waiting to use free weights in busy public gyms.
  4. You want to improve core stability and joint mobility.
  5. You need to change your body shape and reduce body fat levels.

To book a Rip Training course or class, contact us today.