Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is considered paramount in preparation and repair of soft tissue complaints or injuries. Whilst the title may suggest a focus on sports injuries – a majority of clients presenting soft tissue or connective tissue symptoms are in fact non -sports related.
Deep Tissue Massage
man getting a sports massage therapy session

Example One

A full time mother – whom is suffers from back pain is prevented from picking up her children or normal daily routines. She is a text book client – and upon her visit to Good Condition will undergo an assessment and sports massage in order to commence recovery and return to function.

Example Two

A self-employed builder presenting a shoulder or ankle complaint, is now unable to work – preventing him from earning. This issue is equally important and so he can visit our specialists at Good Condition – whereby we will provide an appropriate assessment and sports massage to activate circulation and stimulate a positive response in the body.

How sports massage works

Upon application of sports massage decongestion of tissues and reduction of blood viscosity commences. This increases the supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the tissues.

Blood pressure is reduced and metabolic waste products are removed from the tissues.

This procedure will speed up the healing process to both clients – effectively giving a return to daily / work function a better chance together with prevention of further injuries.
back massage for sports therapy
No Obligation Consultation

No Obligation

We offer a no-obligation consultation to everyone – covering various aspects of your health and wellbeing. This is conducted on site in our private treatment room where you will be given an in depth view on how we can help you achieve health and fitness targets.
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  • Why Choose Good Condition?

    Now in our seventh year of delivering soft tissue repair and recovery to Lincoln’s fitness enthusiasts, manual labour workers and generally those with aches and pains, we are happy to book you into our centre for appointments Monday to Saturday.

    When visiting Good Condition, you will enjoy the benefits of a clean professional service, from start to finish and can rest assured we put our clients well being first. You can book an individual appointment or take advantage of our discounted service by purchasing a package of sessions. Fresh clean towels are always used for every appointment and room temperature is adjustable via our built-in air conditioning system or radiators.

    After your deep tissue massage, we will offer post-care advice and ensure you are hydrated at the time of re-booking at reception. An email can be sent to remind you of any bookings you have made, as this is an effective way of allowing clients to attend on time or request the appointment to be rescheduled.

    Enjoy our Sports Massage Therapy services and improve your posture, reduce stress levels and simply feel great.


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