Body Fat - Weight Management

A high percentage of our clients visit us with body fat reduction and weight loss being a primary factor in their requirements.

The reasons vary from health and well being to self image and confidence. Men and women are under constant strains to ensure their health stays in check, with the advent of up to the minute social media / news, we simply can’t escape reminders of how we can or should look. Whilst we at Good Condition appreciate you’re image is important, we educate our clients for the long run, by way of starting out with health first and image later.

Our clients are encouraged to change their mindset from overnight weight loss to a longer lasting change in his or her well being. We work together to improve you’re cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, strength and flexibility instead of just losing weight. The end result is generally more beneficial to our clients as we help you through various stages of fitness, leading to body fat and weight loss.

Your natural body shape (somatotype) is an important element when considering how we will train you at our centre, so we aim for goals which are attainable rather than give you unrealistic targets. Regular body composition readings are taken, in order to stay on track and determine when and how to change you’re exercise programmes.

Change is good…allow us to do this for you

Change is good… allow us to do this for you